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The sense making apparatus of our societies- media, academia, are failing us. For too long, they have assumed that their listener is too impatient to interact with the depth and width of ideas. I disagree. I think the fragments of information that make our universe beautiful are not an ornament of the elite, but the tools of commons.

I think the world needs more cultural heroes than political heroes. To exercise the proper might of existence, we must dye the cultural fabric and that is our attempt at PG Radio. We want to revolutionize culture, such that we can embed the art of learning in it forever and for who ever. The only chance we have against entropy is the order of ideas

PG Radio is an interface to this intellectual revolution. PG Radio’s platform allows you to meet the brightest minds of our times speak about their ideas and churn it out with Prakhar. We take the concept of ‘idea sex’ very far here, and in this magical symbiosis of ideas find what awaits us next